Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Great Simple Easy Basket Brewing System for you to enjoy!

If you like fresh coffee when you travel to retreats or anywhere, this is the product you want to pack.
It is awesome and Simple, Eco-friendly, and oh so yummy!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Keep a journal to share what you believe will inspire and motivate your family to live a good life

Being over 50, ok... almost midway through the 50's. I find time flying by. It seems like yesterday when I was young and newly married and having babies. Now my babies are having babies. I am my families memory keeper. I love preserving our memories as you know. With my grand children coming,  I feel a need to journal what I feel is important. For me, I journal ideas I read from the wisdom of others. Studying Judaism has giving me a wealth of material I want to pass on.When my grand kids and even children want to know me better, my journals will provide them with that. I document positive and inspirational ideas. I do not need to journal my frustrations, we all have those, no one needs to read that. So I only document the ideas that I believe will help those that follow me live a meaningful and joyful life.  Here are a few of my journals. Get a Journal and start writing what inspires you.